So I’ve definitely been in ‘crisis mode’ over the last couple of months, and the haze has kind of lifted.

I’ve been going to some bite-sized recovery courses as recommended by my care-coordinator which have touched on emotions, self-management, recovery and WRAP (I’ve yet to go to a few more too).

I’ve found them invaluable, and am (slowly) taking steps to manage my emotions (and subsequently, my behaviours).

My favourite aspect that I’ve taken from these courses is that all the control is in your own hands, even down to when people need to intervene. Basically, you write your own rule-book on how you want things to go down if you feel yourself slipping, and if it does get to crisis-mode, everything you do and everything other people do is by your own instruction.

I’m really excited about this WRAP, especially. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). I’ve not started writing it yet, but I’ve been quite self-aware over the past few weeks and have been jotting down triggers whenever the arise. I’ve also been asking people what I’m like on my ‘good days’ too. Even just having someone else’s draft WRAP in my little book, I have been able to navigate my emotions really well recently, to the point of where I’ve even managed to stick to a severe eating plan and have lost a few pounds!!

In my little book so far I have jotted down all the primary and secondary emotions (because I never really knew what I was feeling before – it was always just ‘bad’). I’ve got a little 4 step plan for when I do feel a little overwhelmed (tea is basically life right about now – and heck does it work). I’ve also set myself a mini-daily tick list of all the things I want to do every day, and I also have to write down 3 things I’ve done which I’m proud of. Following on from these recovery sessions, I also note down my favourite quotes from the facilitators (who have had the same difficulties as me in the past), as they’re really inspirational.

My plan is to observe myself and surroundings over the next few weeks, and crack on with my WRAP in the new year.

For now, my little book is my saviour.